Business case

Business case for Diversity

Improve creativity to beat your competitors

Businesses need to stay profitable if they are to compete in ever-changing markets. Companies are under constant pressure to innovate and advance to satisfy the demand from a volatile marketplace. Diversity increases creativity; a diverse team will provide more solutions to a problem than a uniform one.

Excellence in customer care

In striving for excellent customer care, businesses need to understand that their customers have different needs and aspirations. Understanding these trends and developments will help you to keep your customers happy. Happy customers make profitable companies.

Market Segmentation

The UK is changing; more people live on their own than 30 years ago, we have fewer children, more women go out to work and we live longer.
Diversity is linked to market segmentation by understanding how demographic changes in society can bring about a demand for new products and services.

Optimum people management

Organisations need to get the best out of their people. This means developing people so that their skills and abilities are first of all recognised and then enhanced, thereby creating loyal and dedicated ambassadors for your business.

Ethics & Values

In looking at diversity, equality and human rights we see the tension between the individual and the organisation; the powerful and the powerless. Nowhere is this tension more apparent than when balancing the basics of corporate social responsibility – putting people and the planet before profit.

Legal case

Companies with a dedicated HR department report that defending a discrimination tribunal case typically can cost around £10K to £20K. This is before the tribunal hearing has started, and without engaging an employment lawyer. Of course, if the claimant wins, there can be unlimited compensation and reputational damage.

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