LGBT Issues

Manage Diversity has impressive credentials on LGBT issues.

We are the first port of call if you need to:

  • Engage LGBT community
  • Training on tackling homophobia, biphobia and transphobia
  • Advice on setting up LGBT networks
  • Advice on dealing with the conflict between sexual orientation and religion or belief
  • Training on LGBT employment and/or service delivery including civil partnership

In this article, Mei Wilshire,  describes the collaborative process of all in the performing arts without their being orientation and economical barriers. It is highlighting how negotiations from the outset with artists and companies is crucial to the overall success of the performance.

Mei Wiltshire is a performing arts producer at HLGBT Performing Arts York. She has worked collaboratively and individually on a variety of performance projects for over a decade.  Mei produced York Lesbian Arts Festival 2013 and is the senior producer.

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