How To Link Diversity to KPIs

How To Link Diversity to Key Performance Indicators

Every business leader knows that built-in trumps bolted-on. Equally, you all know that one of the most vital and precious resources in any enterprise is time. Integrating diversity leadership, planning and execution into what you do every day will save time – every day. It is invariably better to be an agile go-getter than to react to events. Even more importantly, it is always preferable to anticipate and resolve issues before they become crises, than to risk your business’ reputation in a court of law, or perhaps worse, the court of public opinion. So, build in equalities monitoring to your staff survey and recruitment activities. Think about what your people and customers think of you, and what influences their opinions. Above all, talk to people and listen carefully to what they say. Diversity does not have to be complex and onerous, and is infinitely more successful when these are avoided.

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