Mohammed Aziz

Mohammed Abdul Aziz studied Religious Studies & Educational Studies at Kent University and Law at University College London before being called to the Bar in 1997.

His career highlights include:

He was the founding CEO of the Forum Against Islamophobia and Racism and the British Muslim Research Centre.

Commissioner at the Commission for Racial Equality (2003-7)

He is a founding Director of FaithWise Ltd

Founder Member and Trustee of the Equality & Diversity Forum (2002-Present)

Member of the Commission for Equality & Human Rights’ Taskforce (2003-4) and Steering Group (2004-6),

Trustee of the East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre (1991-Present)  Chair of the European Network Against Racism (2007-10)

He was a  Senior Advisor to the UK Government on Race, Faith & Cohesion until February 2011 – working to several Cabinet Ministers.

He has written several training packs on the religion and belief equality and diversity, including one commercially produced by BDP Media, and regularly trains for IRS.

He has presented papers on diversity and human rights in South Africa, Turkey, Norway, Germany and Spain.

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