Jassy Denison

Jassy Denison’s familiarity with, and access to, theoretical and practical frameworks comes from a diverse sweep of relevant fields including adult learning and cognition, mindfulness, psychosocial studies. Her life as a consultant began in 1992, helping organisations and young enterprises establish goals and strategies, including robust systems and good practice in accounting & finance. In 2012 she completed a master’s degree in psycho-social studies. Her more recent work is focused on conflict resolution and mediation.

Key achievements include:

Delivery of financial consultancy –  with a strong emphasis on transparent, practical reporting and application and the relationship between strategic objectives and everyday activity. This included advice on policy and compliance, financial audits and production of end of year accounts.

Development and retention of minority professionals –  training, support and coaching strategy for young trainers in conflict resolution. This formed part of a larger strategy to increase and maintain diversity within a professional training pool, and utilise the perspectives and contributions of all employees.

Countering sexual bullying – pan European action research in collaboration with Leeds Metropolitan University. The methodology relied on  attitudinal and control group surveys to provide baseline and final data

Advisor to central government on community cohesion – facilitating communication. agreement and shared strategies for stakeholders in conflict.  This included  a mediation between community leaders and a local minority run business, following race-related disturbances.

Workplace mediation – providing mediation to managers and team members in conflict, addressing challenges around power balance, race, age and gender awareness and supporting effective working in diverse teams

Mindfulness practice – twelve years’ experience in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, including facilitation and instruction of others at levels from beginner to more experienced practitioner

Developing allies to minority groups – running workshops and classes on race and class awareness from the perspective of ally to minority groups

UK-wide mediation services – design and delivery of accredited programme for peer mediators. This equipped participants to manage conflict within their own environments, and included development of service infrastructure, training and supervision.

Exploring Identity, Prejudice & Belonging – development of ambassadors championing equality and inclusiveness within their place of work or study. This included raising awareness of own and others’ experience and role, and skills development


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