Deborah Brewis

Deborah Brewis is a volunteer for Manage Diversity Ltd.

She is a  doctoral candidate at Warwick Business School holding a full scholarship from the Economic and Social Research Council.  Her PhD is a research based study of equality, diversity and inclusion interventions in UK organizations.

Her specialist knowledge includes: gender and identity, critical management studies, popular cultural representations, feminist research methods, discourse analysis, critical organization theory, ethnographic, other qualitative and quantitative methods.

Her work highlights include:

  • Winning a fully funded extension to PhD with the Welsh Government to look at health inequalities including access to services with the Social Services and Children’s team.  During this four month long internship, she worked for Knowledge and Analytical Services with the Health, Social Services and Children’s services. She negotiated the scope of the project with policy colleagues in the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Division, also consulting with colleagues from the NHS and representatives from third sector organisations. There she reviewed the evidence for inequalities in access to health services in Wales and produced a report with recommendations.
  • Conducting Transforming the Experience of Students Through Assessment (TESTA) guided audits at both the University of Winchester’s BA English program and the University of Birmingham’s BA History and BA Modern Languages programmes.
  • Leading seminar groups on the elective module ‘Managing Organizations’ at Warwick Business School
  • Transference of qualitative research survey to Qualtrics online survey software at Warwick Business School
  • Coordinator of the “Roles’ Gender and Sexuality Network”, University of Birmingham

Deborah speaks French, Russian, Cantonese (spoken) and Welsh (beginner).