Why do I bother? ( challenging workshop sessions)

Why do I bother? – (Challenging training sessions)

I told someone that I had trained a group that included a member of the English Defence League, and they asked me why? The question contained the implication that this was a waste of time. I suppose the short answer was that this group of workers provide a customer-facing service in our wonderfully diverse capital, London. But there is of course a much bigger imperative. We are working in a political climate where immigration is being blamed for everything. Apparently, it’s the reason why we’ve got soaring rents, a widening gap between the rich and poor, and people going hungry while utilities companies rip us off.

We could just restrict our workshops to people who agree with us, but there seems little point in just talking to them. Every now and again we have to be brave and have some difficult discussions with people who don’t like us.

I’m getting increasingly irritated by the silence – the lack of an articulate voice that points out that the British Empire made “Brits” of a quarter of the globe. The EU was formed from the highest principles. Namely, that Europe has suffered from two world wars, and to stop that from being repeated the good and the wise had decided to “mix Europe up a bit” – if we’re all European then we’ll have to talk to each other before blowing our brains out. Surely, a noble achievement. In all honesty, we need to do these types of sessions more often.

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