Is Diversity Simple ?

Is diversity simple?

“How can we get more women into senior management?”

“They say they’re disabled but I’m sure they aren’t.”

“We just don’t get black people applying for our jobs any more.”

“It was just a “joke” – it wasn’t meant to be offensive.”

“ ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ has just been dumped on me – I never wanted it.”

“How can we make sure our website is accessible?”

These are some of the questions and statements that crop up on a regular basis. Most people are aware that there are laws on equality but many still struggle to implement equality, diversity and inclusion.

Is diversity simple? No, not really – now it is virtually impossible for people to be expected to be experts in every field, especially now that the Equality Act covers disability as well as religion or belief. Both these areas are vast in themselves, if you think about every different religion as well as the variety of different forms of disability.

It is also useful for people to be able to discuss what works. We’ve come a long way in a relatively short space of time and some solutions are tried and tested.

Another issue that comes up on a regular basis is when people feel they know their “strand”, but still feel out of their depth when dealing with another form of discrimination.

One of the trends in recent years is for people to be given e-training. This can be useful, but most people need an opportunity to ask questions and of course get answers.

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